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Cruizin' Budsies - The Bubsy Plush sightings (and getting a plush made) - July 2019



The Bubsy Plush Sightings

(Started July 5, 2019, updated July 15, 2023)


Currently we know through the interwebs there are a grand total of ten known Bubsy plushes from back in Bubsy 1 and Bubsy 2 development days that still exist.  We're sure there are more.   JennyN (mentioned later in this article) and her father, who worked for Accolade during the Bubsy 2 development, mentioned there was once a drawer full of Bubsy plushies at Accolade.  These plushes were handed out to developers, their families, and as a promotional to magazines like Game Fan.   And as mentioned also in the interview with Michael Berlyn hung from the rafters during the Bubsy 2 days.  :P   Apparently there were Bubsy plushies in their offices till 1996 during the Bubsy 3D days at least.   Many of them tossed as Accolade closed their offices, accounts of developers that had them but did not bring them home.  But some escaped the purge of the developer's hatred * and still live to this day...


Sighting #1 -------------------------------------------------------------------

As you'll recall the first sighting we here on the Bubsy blog got was with Game Fan Magazine #4 and the Bubsy plush in the storage room in 2010.




Sighting #2 & 3 -------------------------------------------------------------------

We got a good glimpse of that plush by JennyN in 2013.  I've been told she now has a youtube channel and featured this plush recently. 



And she featured this and another Bubsy plush in 2014




Other pictures were recently covered in another article about Youtube video on Bubsy merchandise.


Sighting #4 -------------------------------------------------------------------

We've seen this one posted in 2011 by Jeff Gerstmann on Twitter that had many searching for the Bubsy plush drooling ...



Here's a TikTok video he posted on March 23, 2021 you can see the plush at the 45 second mark.


August 5th, 2022 he donated the plush to the Video Game History Foundation.



Sighting #5 -------------------------------------------------------------------




Michael Berlyn, Bubsy's creator confirmed in the Bubsy Fan Blog interview in 2016 that he had his Bubsy plush from his development days.  That plush and other game design notes have since been donated to the Strong Museum, New York in late 2018.



March 28, 2023 - Michael Berlyn passed away, and his life and creation of Bubsy as a character touched many.


Sighting #6 -------------------------------------------------------------------

We have this entry from earlier this year.  This picture showed the Bubsy plush without a shirt for the first time:




Sighting 7 & 8 -------------------------------------------------------------------

(added April 5, 2020)

A comment made on Twitter about the Bubsy Plush when the January 2020 ebay auction happened.




Sighting #9 -------------------------------------------------------------------


Replies to this: Mothra .zip



Sighting #10 -------------------------------------------------------------------

In January 2020, a Bubsy Plush appeared on ebay.  The seller of that auction had this to say on the story of the plush:

"Our company Roaring Mouse had a table at the same gaming convention that Sega was at. Most companies were just giving away buttons and stickers but a few like ours brought a very limited number of plush characters. Ours was Splash the Penguin from our Cd-Rom game Zoo-opolis. He was named by our son who was also the voice of Splash. Our daughter was only about 3 or 4 at the time and she was the voice of Penny Penguin. She was this adorable little girl with blonde curls so when we visited different tables they naturally gave her a plush toy as I'm sure they were saving them for children."


More about that auction can be found here: Roaring Mouse.zip


1732009782_ScreenShot2020-04-04at4_36_56PM.png.4e7b9e8a5e18492143c8dc0cf69f379e.png.73f5919d3ede3617eb01a7b84da67ce4.pngThis plush was bought by the Bubsy Fan Blog and shown in great detail on the April 2020 article.

Sighting #11 -------------------------------------------------------------------

September 3, 2021 a Bubsy plush is seen on Reddit, article found by Bubsy fan バブシー on the Officious Bubsy Fan Server




Sighting #12 -------------------------------------------------------------------

October 24. 2021 an ebay auction was seen with a Bubsy plush, mug, standee, and lapel pin for $1,500.   Later in the day it was sold to a best offer.



Sighting #13 -------------------------------------------------------------------

Found by Xinny of the Officious Bubsy Discord on December 14, 2023


Bubsy plush is in the background, by 8:59 Bubsy plush is holding a knife all the up to 16:00.  By 16:53 the plush disappears.   In the comments VGHF gives this humorous reason:



* Addendum to the "developer's hatred" comment at the beginning of this article.

Notable comment: -------------------------------------------------------------------


All the replies and comments from Sega Steve here: Steve.zip


More appearances of the Bubsy plush will be added as they are found.




About Budsies -


(July 5, 2019 -  the original topic of this message)


The link between Budsies and Bubsy started with this picture on deviant art:



We found that this Bubsy plush was created by a site called Budsies


So how did the plush commission turn out when Doctor Clu commissioned them?   Actually quite good!




This one takes on the yellow exclamation mark of Bubsy in the Atari Jaguar game "Bubsy in Fractured Furry Tales".   A nice difference.4






So looking back on the Bubsy Bobcat Fan Blog the plush interest has been around since at least 2008 when Doctor Clu made a Bubsy plush modifying a lion doll:



This one was based on the box art of the Japanese Bubsy, so this is more of a chibi Bubsy.  


Then years later Doctor Clu converted another cat plush to be my Bubsy.   Basically serves as a hat rack for the knit Bubsy cap he has.



Since that time, other Bubsy fans have also had Etsy make plushes for them





This plush made by the Deviant artist Toodles Team in January 2016 made perhaps the best Bubsy plush to date.




And here we have perhaps the most famous Bubsy plush this side of the official plush, inspired by Bubsy in Bubsy 3D and an excellent likeness, created by another Deviant artist, sarasaland-dragon169, and sold on ebay in November 2014.  




This one was posted by Spangle on Twitter (June 16, 2020)





This puppet was used in the Console Wars - Bubsy - Super Nintendo vs Sega Genesis (February 18, 2015)



And more fan made Bubsy plushes will be added here as they are found.





Original title on July 5, 2019 before being updated on April 5, 2020"Cruizin'Budsies - 20% off sale... make a Bubsy plush!! - July 2019"

Original Link



Your fellow Bubsy fan saying "Keep it up, just keep it up".   - Bubsy Bobcat Fan Blog



Fans searching for Bubsy Plushes...



Screen Shot 2020-01-28 at 12.19.26 AM.png


Edited by doctorclu
Adding sighting #13 VGHF Plush

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