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Feeding My Atari #9



Not many games this time around, in fact just 2. Both were purchased here at AtariAge. My latest order contained the following ...


  • Froggie (7800)
  • Tooth Protectors (2600)
  • Seagull 78 Controller Adapter


With Froggie I ordered the version without the POKEY chip, but I believe it supports XM sound. Not quite sure what that is, but I suspect it refers to supporting a 7800 Mod which replicates POKEY sound. I got the Box Upgrade. I usually do when it's an available option.


Tooth Protectors is obviously a Custom Reproduction. This game requires the Melody board. The label artwork is fantastic. 


When I placed my order for the Seagull 78 Controller Adapter I believe that I got the last one in stock (currently). Allows a Sega Genesis Game Pad to work with games for the 7800 that require 2 action buttons.




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