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My thoughts on Ewoks... I could appreciate them





Ironically I keep wanting to call Ewoks "eWoks" after all the years of writing "eMail" and other "iPhone" things.


But vicious warrior cannibalness aside, I always looked at them as just miniature Wookies without the technology.   And I've loved from the start how they were able to foul up advanced tech with much less technological traps.   I think the movie showed that eventually technology did win and overcome, but it was not as easy as the Empire or anyone else might have thought.


And I have never thought the Ewoks were cute.   Interesting, creepy maybe (except for the baby Ewoks naturally).  The notion of battle teddy bears after all the other alien races I saw in Star wars really came across to me as a "why not?"  We'd already had a Star Wars Bugs Bunny (Jaxxon) in the Marvel comic line.... :P




I actually liked the eWok movies that came out.  Just more Star Wars.   Was not a fan of them talking in the cartoons, but then if you don't have humans tagging along what would be a boring show, much like the Holiday Special and how we heard Wookies honking and roaring back and forth for waaaayyy too long without subtitles.


So Ewoks?   I liked them enough.   And as for marketing since I was in high school when Return of the Jedi came out I only bought an occasional Ewok figure for completeness.   My actual focus in Return of the Jedi was how much of a badass Luke had become, everything else, including the Ewoks, was just a colorful backdrop to showcase that.




The first screenshot was originally posted here...



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