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Adventure II XE update 10-10-2019



Still running down my laundry list of more minor tweaks.  The past few things I've done are: 


- WSYNC  screen color changes tweaking. I can't believe it, but on several screens I had the WSYNC on the DLI  *after* the actual color register change, not *before*. Thus in the 5200 version there are a few screens where you can see a color change mid-scanline.  I tested 5200 AdvII on a 27" CRT so it probably didn't concern me , or I didn't notice it back in 2007.  So, I  fixed a handful of those screens for the XEGS version, and those screens are more rock-solid looking now.     See the before and after screen shots - look carefully along the logs and you'll see blue water color on the before pic . 

-  Minotaur Freeze State. I never got to put this into the 5200 version but always wanted to have some way you could take out the Minotaur, even if just for a short while.  In the XE version, the Blue Key will freeze the Minotaur in his tracks until you remove the key from that screen.  


- I also finally located a bit of code that needed some gentle massaging (either that or more Hard Work* ) to stop the Troll from BAMF-ing **  around at times. Fixed!   


* obscure AA reference

** BAMF is the comic book sound effect in X-men comics when Nightcrawler would teleport. BAMF! 


Al is going to have a recent version at the PRGE show , running on an XEGS machine.   See prior blogs for other recent tweaks to Adventure II XE. 


AdvII XE add WSYNC - Before and After 10102019.png

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Really looking forward to this, though I do have it on the 5200 (literally bought one for this game).  It's a blast!

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Have been watching (and testing) the initial demo of this game (for A 400/800/XL/XE) with LOTS of interest, since I found it beautifully presented and rendered on-screen. Pretty well done, so far.


However, I must warn that the renderings seem to suffer from the "green castle" syndrome (a product of modern NTSC decode). In other words, the Castle, its surroundings and even the ground appear all mostly green. It seems as if hues $0E,$0F were chosen as the color-basis, instead of $01,$02.


What happens is that in modern NTSC decode, the last HUE-row of Atari's color-matrix will not be rendered peach/brownish, as it used to be during the early 80's. Instead, they will lean toward moss, green-brown. For a possible correction of this, you may consider looking at Commando+/XE which also relies on depicting similar surroundings and elements, and for such their colors are rendered realistically on NTSC.


Just my 0.02c, for what seems to be a really nice title coming down the line!

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Faicuai, in the above video, that is the Green castle. It is very green on purpose.    But if you are talking about Kingdom 1, we did originally use a ground color using I think $E4 and $E6, which in emulators looked more yellow or tan, but appeared more green on some sets I noticed.  Not long ago I changed these to be $14 and $16 to get a better yellow/ tan color for the Sand Kingdom.  I know the original demo I posted was still using the $Ex settings. 

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