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Episode IX Star Wars binge, part 1



Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker , episode IX of George Lucas' original 9-chapter story, debuts December 20, 2019. Or Thursday night December 19 as new big movies started to bump up the day.  


I remember in the early 80's when Star Wars was the best and most exciting thing there was, and articles would comment that these films were really just episodes 4,5 and 6 of a bigger story that floated in George's head.  I never thought we'd actually get films for 1,2,3 or 7,8,9.  And now episode 9, the end of the Skywalker and common Star Wars tales, is almost here.   And then its done. Of course, it isn't George's vision anymore, but I'm fine with that.  Just give us some Star Wars.  I'm happy that Luke, Leia, Han, Chewie, R2, and C3PO are still showing up in these Sequel Trilogy Star wars films.  But after Ep9 ...  what will Star Wars new films and shows be like?      The Mandalorian TV show is filling in gaps in an earlier era.  Like the very good "Clone Wars" animated series did.   Before Episode 7 came out, that fall I binged the Clone Wars animated series (on Netflix  I think) and found it was mostly very good!      And now, leading up to Episode 9, I'm binging on Star Wars content again to get me in the SW mood again. 


So I started on November 1 by digging out my Xbox console and putting in a game I've owned 15 years but NEVER PLAYED THROUGH ... Knights of the Old Republic.  Now, my oldest boy played it through back in the 2000's and I saw a bit of it.  But I'm not a big RPG gamer , so after running around on Taris for 2 hours and getting lost, I think I put it away and never returned. I know it is an acclaimed game though, so finally I'm going to play through some or all of it.    


I'm about 5 or 6 hours in. I just defeated a Rancor in the sewers, if you know that part. I simply spammed grenades at it until it died.  But now, up above the sewers in the Vulkar base, there is a certain battle which killed my scout, my female Twi'lek party member, and my Wookie party member.   I'm heading towards the light side of the Force / Jedi with my decisions. The game has a lot of depth and I still feel like I've not quite understood the best way to win battles.  So far I think the game was done pretty well. I'm just not 100% sure I'll have the time to beat it before December 20th.  There are other things I want to play and watch. 


My plans for the Pre-Ep9 Star Wars binge are to play through KOTOR, to also play a bunch of Gamecube Rogue Leader and Rebel Strike (including the bonus 80's coin-op SW games on Rebel Strike), and also to buy Playstation 4 Jedi: Fallen Order later in the month.       On the movies side of things, I'm going to rewatch all the films in chronological story order:  Ep1, Ep2, Ep3,  Solo, Rogue One, Ep4, Ep5, Ep6, Ep7, Ep8.  And I'll start watching the Mandalorian soon too, might subscribe to Disney+ soon. 


Star Wars! 


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I'm big on Star Wars. My family got me that poster, signed by Lucas, Carrie Fisher (RIP), Hamill, and Ford ...very cool.

I also recently treated myself to the 1Up mini arcade machine of the old Atari Star Wars games (the first game brilliant, the other two, less so). When you play Rebel Strike, remember they're available as bonuses to unlock and you can do it with cheats if you must. 

KOTOR is very newbie friendly and you can just bash through it for the story if you want. Stick with it! I've yet to complete the sequel, for  lack of time and attention. 

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I'm so glad to see someone still enthusiastic about the Saga!  There's too many haters out there these days.  I will be looking forward to future blog entries about your binge!

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