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Wham-O Magic Window Toy

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I saw a Magic Window when I was sitting in a small waiting room around 1973 or 1974 and thought it was kind of fun, so I eventually got one. It wasn't the greatest toy in the world, but it was fun to mess with once in a while. It was like playing with ocean waves. It was a stress relieving toy where the only purpose was to make patterns (similar to the Space Fidgit).


It took me until 2005 to find the name of it. I remembered that it seemed to have blue and white 'sand' inside of a clear thin plastic oval, but that's all I could remember. The name of it never stuck in my head. I also never knew there was a pink and white version back then.


Here are two related YouTube videos:






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Amazon sells a bunch of #ad similar-looking toys, but none of them look quite right to me. Maybe you can find one that's close enough.


Below are a few pages that have more information and images:













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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.


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