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Winnie The Pooh And The Honey Tree (View-Master Miniature Scenes)

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I had a gray-ish View-Master (Sawyers Model G) in the late 1960s. It looked like the images below from #ad Amazon:






My View-Master had no imperfections between my eyes and the images. The view was completely clear. I don't remember what happened to that View-Master. I or my mother might have eventually given it away, thinking I was too old for it. If I would have known that most other people didn't see like I did and that the View-Master would be my only way to see in 3D for decades, I would have treated it like it was the last bar of gold on Earth.


My family bought a couple of new View-Masters (I'm guessing around 2015) and both of them had imperfections that make viewing 3D images less enjoyable. Seems like fewer companies care about quality as time goes on. Maybe that will change sometime in 2020 after a great number of people are awakened and they stop living in a trance of mediocrity.


Back to the late 1960s, I didn't have many reels, but of the few sets I had, "Winnie The Pooh And The Honey Tree" was my favorite. These reels weren't cartoons, they were 3D photos of miniature sets. I was surprised to find out that the reels can be purchased at #ad Amazon after all these years.


Lance Cardinal has a page that shows all of the images from the reels:




The images on that page aren't as vivid as what I saw in my View-Master, but it's still nice that Lance Cardinal took the time to take a photograph of each image and post them. The image below, courtesy of Lance Cardinal, is my favorite image from the reels:




It looked much clearer and detailed in my old View-Master.


If you're interested in the miniatures that were used in View-Master reels, take a look at this:





I also had the 3D miniature photo reels of "Disney's Peter Pan." That's also available at #ad Amazon. Lance Cardinal has scans of those reels too:




Lance Cardinal has a lot of other things at that web site. Be sure to check out the miniatures and models section:






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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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I loved my View-Master when I was a kid. I had a small collection of reels, some Disney stuff (I had the Donald Duck and the flying saucers one that's on the Lance Cardinal page you linked to) and some that I got from gift stores of place my family visited on vacations (the Black Hills, etc.). Like yours, my collection disappeared but I don't remember when or how exactly. Five or six years ago I found one of the black Bakelite models from the 50's and a few reels (favorite: the Winchester Mystery House) at an antique store. Whenever I see a box of reels somewhere, I flip through it and usually end up buying a few.


There used to be a 3-D Museum here in Portland (Sawyer's was based here) that had several of the models used for the cartoon reels. The museum closed years ago, and I don't know where that stuff is now.

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