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Quick book update.



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Alright so the second draft is going very well, I've completed the rewrites of parts one and two and am currently starting part three. I’m using the first draft as a basic template from which to work off of and am simply working my way through it adding, removing, and elaborating. I haven’t really touched the dialogue as I’m pretty happy with it. Right now I think it would be fair to call the second draft ‘the extended edition’ because I’m adding over 1000 words per chapter fairly effortlessly.


As a note: if you are actually going to try and read my story I must warn you… Expediency is not my forte, a lot of stuff happens in this story. As it is now, part one and part two could be considered a book of their own, but there is a part three that wraps everything up and an epilogue that caps everything off. As it is now, the story is around 127k words long, (From the 95K of the first draft, oof) with more being added. This book is essentially two books written alongside each other that cannot be separated and to do so would leave both feeling stilted, rushed, and awkward. Frankly it’s laid out much like a TV show, with each chapter acting as an episode and each part acting like a season. (who knows, maybe I should talk to Netflix.)


Part one needed a lot of work, I had absolutely no roadmap when I was writing it and was bouncing four or five plot ideas throughout it willy-nilly and honestly none of them stuck so there were a bunch of allusions to things that were never going to happen (It was a sea of Chekhov's Guns that were never taken off the wall). That has been cleaned up and is now an adequate introduction to the story and beginning of the plot. Several characters are given more page-time and are introduced earlier, scenes have been extended to give better context and I’ve really been trying to put an emphasis on the tone and actions of a character over using the word ‘said’ a thousand times (I’m still working on this so it might be a bit stilted in places.) All in all it was an exercise in continuity, either with having subsequent parts reference it more often, or write in story elements that are referenced later on that had no actual buildup. (Again, I had no idea what I was doing when I wrote the first part.)


Part two had very little story that needed tweaking, though there was a bit, it was mostly just trying to give the characters character. Unfortunately it’s still pretty evident who is considered a main character based on how in-depth I go with them, some of them have their moments but I have a lot of side-characters who are rather glossed over. To be fair, I did do this to myself, I am juggling over 20 named characters and I can’t dedicate time to all of them, though I did try to give them a basic veneer of personality. I also had way too much fun writing the climax of part two.


The dialogue/prose balance: I like writing dialogue and I like writing prose, though I lean more towards writing dialogue. I only use walls of text when the story calls for it, with either of the aforementioned, when there is absolutely no ability to inject speech and even then I’ll try to use the thoughts of a character to break things up. I’d rather move a story through the movements of a character coupled with them having a conversation with another. There is a lot of talking, and one could easily argue, a lot of unnecessary talking. It breaks up the walls of text and keeps everybody moving around, and I think it helps the story move faster overall.


I am not writing this using conventional means, I am ignoring almost every bit of writing advice I come across in favor of doing my own thing. To be honest this is probably a bad thing. I’m trying to avoid commonly used tropes, despite my entire story being supported by them, because the real world doesn’t actually work like that, usually. Not every character has to grow as a person and change themselves, not every villain is irredeemable and not every villain is apparent from the start (Not every villain is a villain). Not every protagonist has to have a fatal flaw, sometimes they just have bad luck and they take it in stride. People can change, but they don’t have to.


I’m sure if I find a publisher (big if), I’ll have to change almost everything about the story, which is why I’m putting the thing on Amazon first, but at the moment all of my work is free on my website. The second drafts for parts one and two are posted and in a readable state, though there are typos. I intend on going back through the whole book when I’m finished with text-to-speech software to catch typos (It works surprisingly well) and when I’ve done that I’ll do a blanket edit fixing all the typos and slashing extraneous/overused word (lot of those too).


I don’t have a deadline for when this’ll be finished but I’m getting there. Wish me luck.




Part One:

Part Two:

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3 hours ago, DamonicFury said:

Seriously, good luck!  What I've read so far is quite interesting, and I hope to read more as it gets closer to it's 'final' form.


Thanks, that means quite a bit.

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