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I'm on a Saturn kick



Sega's 3rd party released Panzer Dragoon Remake for Switch, which I don't own and don't really intend to buy right now.   I've always been a bigger Sega fan than an Atari fan.  I almost picked up a Switch when the newer Virtua Racing came out last year, but didn't. 


So I dug out my Saturn from the closet o'doom and hooked it up.  I have to use composite with my Panasonic 42" Plasma since it doesn't support S-video. I see there are Saturn Component and HDMI cables and I'm looking into them, but the Saturn's composite ain't that bad to be honest. 


Well I fired up Panzer Dragoon and played it about 2 hours over the weekend. I couldn't beat it. It was way more difficult than I remembered. But my 4-in-1 RAM cart has pre-loaded cheats like infinite energy, so I played the game through cheating. I honestly don't know how long it has been, because I didn't remember the 2nd to the last stage at all! You are flying over water with a city and bridges around you on the land.  I'm sure I'd have died had I not had infinite energy.   I did remember the final boss fight. The game ends super classy with hand-drawn art and more superb music. I love Panzer Dragoon. Tonight I'm going to play through Zwei again, no cheating (at first). 




As I heard the music and the shots and explosion sounds from Saturn Panzer Dragoon, I had flashbacks of playing the system years ago - there's something about the sounds quality that I really like.  I'm running in stereo of course but through my Onkyo 5.1 system - sounds retro and great.   I love the controller too.  And I think it may look , play, and sound better than the version on OG Xbox Panzer Dragoon Orta, which at the time seemed washed out to me. I'll have to try it again - I think that version is based on the original PC version and there is a difference in feel and look compared to the Saturn original. 


I watched the entire Panzer Dragoon Remake (skipping through it a bit), and it is very faithful to the original - same enemy placement, same soundtrack.  It isn't AAA quality, but I didn't expect it to be.  Some of it seemed quite beautiful to me.  I hope it comes out on PS4 this year. Else I'll have to rethink buying a Switch sooner rather than later. 






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