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Weird Staged Ellen Video

Random Terrain


Have you seen this weird staged Ellen video from March 27, 2020?





For those who don't want to watch the short video, Portia de Rossi is cooking food in the kitchen and Ellen tries to keep Portia in view the whole time as she shows some LEGO Architecture sets. Ellen shows us the Great Wall of China and Dubai sets first, then she says "Oh my God, look at that one" while picking up the Trafalgar Square box. The last one Ellen shows us is the Eiffel Tower set. Right after that she says "that's what's gonna happen soon," jerks the camera so Portia is more in view, then Portia act's like she is burned and says "ouch!"


Ellen jerked the camera first; it wasn't moved as a reaction to the "ouch," so it looked very staged. Showing the Great Wall of China, Dubai, Trafalgar Square, and the Eiffel Tower while following it with the words "that's what's gonna happen soon" and "ouch" could make inquisitive people think that it might be some kind of nefarious message instead of an innocent video about putting together LEGO sets in the near future.



Random Terrain

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