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I'm on a Saturn Kick 2



As I blogged about earlier, Panzer Dragoon Remake made me want to hook up the Saturn again to play though the original. 


Now I'm mostly working on Panzer Dragoon Zwei, which is one of my favorite Saturn titles. I am up to level 6 which is the assault on the huge flying imperial ship. I died at the boss fight, so I'll try it again next time - this game allows a Save End option to continue later.  


It has been so long since I had played Zwei, that I keep getting killed off. I don't remember the strategies or patterns, and that makes the game a lot of fun all over again. In fact almost all the levels killed me off at least once.  Level 5 (I think) where you battle in the high-up snowy skies killed me the most so far. I finally remembered the secret to beating the boss - have enough health of course, but also don't lock-on at all because his rotating shield blocks all missiles. Just keep following him and button-mash fire at him until he's gone. 


I also popped in my Williams' arcade classics disc and enjoyed a round of Bubbles, Defender, and Robotron.   For Robotron I have to angle my controller a bit because the firing buttons aren't laid out in a perfect diamond. for Up/Down/Left/Right shooting, but I adjust pretty quickly. Love using the Saturn japanese pad for gaming.  I didn't even have to take a carpal-tunnel-syndrome break like I often have to with other controllers (my hands go numb). 


Maybe next time I fire up the Saturn, I'll finally beat all of Zwei and open Pandora's Box.  

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The Saturn is my favorite console of all time.  I love the Japanese pads, and it always depresses me that they didn't become the standard for gamepads going forward, I hate the current trends in gamepads.  I want my six face buttons!


I've been resisting the urge to do another Shining Force III playthrough on my own Saturn, but I'm not sure how much longer I can hold out.

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Agreed about those excellent pads.  


I'm not a big RPG gamer, but I did own and played through both Panzer Dragoon Saga and Shining Force III bitd, but sold them off at great profit eventually. Now as you'd expect, I sometimes wish I still owned them.    Oh well, there are other games for me to enjoy on Saturn.  Plus I can go on YT and watch long plays of these games and enjoy them that way. 

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