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Me and Saturn



I loaded Shinobi Legions and have been relearning it for that past 2 nights.  I have not played it for a LONG TIME.  Probably not for 10 years or more.  Quick take:  it is pretty awesome and fun!  Its funny to me, I remember taking note of the game's load times when it was new.  Well ,  compared to Genesis cartridge gaming, yes there are some load times, but after playing modern games for so many years, Shinobi Legions'  load times now seem negligible to me!   The game is more fun, with better control, than I had thought. 


But last night, it locked up on the first boss. Then no disc would load - it appeared my Saturn would not spin the disc anymore or something. Was the laser gone? Did some mechanical doodad finally wear out?  So I unplugged it, shot high pressure component-cleaning air into it, and then turned it upside down and did it again.  BANG my Saturn was working fine again.  Not sure how or why. 


I have been relearning patterns and subtleties of gameplay. This Shinobi plays differently than the Genesis games, even the ninja powers aren't accessible in the same way as before. There are different sword swipes you can pull off - press up + button, or up/right diagonal + button, or forward with button .. all different swipes. The animation is very good and overall its quite fun ... and HARD. I got to the boss on the mountaintop , after climbing hand-over-hand on vines and killing massive snakes and avoiding cannons.  I can't remember if I ever got past this level or not, its like a new game that I've never played before.   




The in-game music is excellent.   And although I used to mock the FMV's, I now find them very entertaining in a 'cheaply made' bad sense, and yet there are a few surprises in the cut scenes. One of them is when all the ninjas and a girl actually jump / spectacularly dive off a cliff into the sea - with real people!  The cliff looks to be over 20 feet high! 



shinobi legions boss.jpg

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