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Lost Gaming Vault: Sonic 1 Prototypes



Welcome to the first (of hopefully many) installments of Lost Gaming Vault, here I'll write about various types of lost gaming media, from prototypes we know little about, to MMOs that have been shut down, I'll try to cover. If you have a game you'd like me to write about, just comment and I'll try to get to it. Now, let's get to the juicy stuff!



The early Sonic games have prototypes, lots of prototypes, most have been found and dumped, but one game has 2 elusive protos that we can't find, that game is Sonic 1. Now, Sonic 1 is an influential game, it was one of the first direct competitors to Mario, and boosted sales of the Genesis/Megadrive in North America and Europe, so you'd think we'd have a prototype or two of this game? Nope. 


There are multiple protos of sonic 1, but most seem to have slight changes like the checkpoint being in a different place, but the two I'm going to talk about are pretty different. The first one I'm going to talk about is the Tokyo Toy Show Prototype, but we're going to call it Alpha.


Sonic 1 Alpha was a short tech demo of Sonic 1 made for the 1990 Tokyo Toy Show, it contained only Green Hill Zone and one enemy. Sonic_with_large-jawed_enemy.jpg.5a8d9cc24b9ee6a542c2dde9f624914e.jpg

As you can see, things look pretty different, Green Hill Zone has foreground objects and the mountains look more realistic, there are also these blue rock formations in the background. But the most interesting thing to me is the enemy. He's not in any other build to our knowledge. He also looks like the rock monster Minifigure.1111187962_images(26).jpeg.208e9ace5707b74a27f29cb575c2a6e2.jpeg


Another odd thing is the demo is it doesn't have those titles that show up at the beginning of a level, instead, it has a billboard that welcomes you to the level. Again, another thing that's only in this prototype.You_are_welcome_Sega_Sonic.png.370ec77f6081661c3d4b4a0864d7df01.png

It's unknown what it truly says, the most common theory is it says "You are welcome, Sega Sonic", but I personally think it tells you what level you're in. Yuji Naka was originally going to have this be in Sonic Mega Collection, but Sega supposedly lost the source code. So that means unless they have the cartridge, or it was stolen, Sonic 1 Alpha may be lost forever.



Now the next one was shown at the Winter CES in January of 1991, this one's closer to the final version than Sonic 1 Alpha, but it's still rather interesting for one reason.


In the video, there are multiple things you'll notice, like a mysterious monitor and the RINGS counter is missing an S, but there's also a bear enemy that looks similar to the one seen in Scrap Brain Zone (or as it was called at this stage, Clockwork Zone), according to the Lost Media Wiki (where I'm getting this info), the enemy would work like the crab enemy and throw two projectiles instead of one. 

It's unknown where this prototype is, but if one were to guess, it's probably at Sega's headquarters.


Besides that, there's really not a lot to talk about, I just thought that the enemy was really interesting :-P.  Here's the video showing all the footage we have right now, If you see any more differences, please tell me in the comments. 





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