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Bought Shiny Pinball Balls From Amazon

Random Terrain


(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I get commissions for purchases made through certain links.)


I've been planning on making a computer pinball game since around 1985. First it was going to be on the VIC-20, then the Commodore 64, then the Amiga 500, and now the Atari 2600. Maybe this time I'll really do it with some help:




Anyway, I've been wanting to own a real shiny pinball machine ball for inspiration, but every time I did a search at Amazon, there were complaints about rusty or damaged balls for pretty much every company, so I would give up. In May of 2020, I decided to try again and after a lot of searching I found #ad Ball Baron. There were no reviews under their 1-1/16 inch standard size pinball page, but the other sizes seemed to have good reviews, so I went to the #ad Pinballs/Ten 1-1/16" High Polish Chrome Steel Balls page and ordered them. I only wanted one ball, but I figured that buying ten would give me a greater chance of ending up with at least one ball that wasn't rusty or damaged.


The box of balls arrived much sooner than expected and none of them are rusty or damaged. They were tightly wrapped in a bag, in a bag, in a bag, inside of a box, so they didn't even receive a small amount of damage during shipment. Now I have what seem to be 10 perfect standard size (1-1/16 inch) pinball balls. Below are a couple photos I took with an iPhone.






If you are looking for balls for your pinball machine that appear to be in excellent condition, it seems like you might be able to trust #ad Ball Baron. [Disclaimer: Buy the balls and use them at your own risk. I only bought them to look at. I have not used them in a real pinball machine.]




Random Terrain


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