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How I Found Out About Redlettermedia



It was the morning memorial day 2019, I got up to make some food when I took the wrong turn and knee when out and back into place, making me fall on the floor in horrible pain. I somehow got to my bedroom when Redlettermedia's Jack and Jill review was playing. I watched most of it, but I was in too much pain to go back to sleep, so I used my wooden practice katana as a makeshift cane and struggled to get to the medicine cabinet and get some anacin.


After getting back to my room, I burst into tears due to the pain whilst the ending of the review is going on (where they take a huge piss out of the movie, doing their own version of it). After my knee healed, I started to watch Best of the Worst and the rest is history.


Here's the ending of their Jack and Jill review, watch it and imagine someone crying in the background: 



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