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Games of the Century



As you may remember, I decided some time ago that the easiest way to build my Atari 2600 Game collection is to do it one publisher at a time. Publishers completed so far:


MenAVision   1 game. Ultra Rare. So what I own is a Reproduction purchased through the AtariAge Store

Mythicon   3 games. All suck!


Next on the agenda is 20th Century-Fox ("Games of the Century"). Below is a list of all of the Fox/Sirius games. Those in Bold are already part of my collection. Those that are Underlined have been purchased on eBay, and have shipped. The rest of the titles I still need. There are seven Prototypes, two of which I own Reproductions of.


Alligator People (Prototype)
Bank Heist
Beany Hopper (Ordered; Shipped)
Crash Dive
Crypts of Chaos
Deadly Duck
Earth Dies Screaming
Entity, The (Prototype)
Fantastic Voyage
Fast Eddie
Flash Gordon
Lasercade (Prototype)
M*A*S*H (x2)
Mega Force (Ordered; Shipped)
Meltdown (Prototype)
Pick-Up (Prototype)
Planet pf the Apes (Prototype)
Revenge of the Beefsteak Tomatoes (Ordered; Shopped)
Save the Whales (Prototype)
Spacemaster X-7
Turmoil (Ordered/Shipped)
Worm War I


Do you have any suggestions on which game(s) I should purchase next? How about Publishers? I'm trying to decide between Activision, Imagic, Coleco, Sega, M Network (Mattel), or Coleco as being the next publisher I concentrate on next.


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