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Medieval Mayhem - 2600 Love



Well... I'm using my 7800 for this demo, but... it's a 2600 cart... so... same thing right?


Attached is a video of me testing 4 player Paddle support with 2 x Xbox One S controllers (via Bluetooth) and 2 x Logitech Dual Action controllers (via USB). Once I have the chips for two more ports, I'll be able to test these controllers with Castle Crisis on my 4 port 5200.


Those with a keen eye might notice me tapping the "xbox start" button toward the beginning of the video. That's because I turned off the self-center mode at the beginning of the video in order to navigate the Medieval Mayhem menu a bit more easily. The "start" button toggles between "self-centering" and "standard 5200" mode.


Also, not shown is the use of the "back" button, which is used to "flip" the joystick direction so that if you can align your joystick direction with travel of your shield. I didn't use it in the video though. The controls for the red shield in the upper right corner should really be flipped.


The "fire" button for each paddle is mapped to the left shoulder button, and the primary thumb button on each gamepad. This would be the "A" button on the Microsoft controller, and the "1" button on the Logitech.


While not all that obvious from the video, I finished a major rewrite of the code to support controller templates. So now I have a separate JSON file that defines controller templates. The JSON has a "gamepad" section, and a "console" section where the templates per console reside. I suppose I could post it for people to see. It's a work in progress so it's kind of messy.


I apologize for the quality of the video. I ordered a new camera and tripod so I can record these better in the future, but the tripod hasn't arrived yet, so I'm still stuck one-handing it with my phone.

I left the audio on this time as I kept my grunting to a minimum. Besides, the MM music is kinda snappy.


Anyway, enjoy this short Medieval Mayhem video with some love for the 2600. Basically, each of the controllers described above control one of the Kings/Knights in each of the corners. I switch between the controllers during the video.


The video is not much for game play, but then it's not the purpose of the video.


I will say, that adding the feature to toggle between self-center and 5200 stick modes, added a bit of lag to the Bluetooth controllers. But this is my first stab at it, so I'll work on optimizing it in the future. Just need something to test.



Recommended Comments

In the original Warlords the paddles are done so that the direction the upper part of the paddle knob moves is the direction the shield moves.


I always thought that made the upper castles feel strange as when you turn the paddle clockwise the shield goes counter-clockwise around the castle walls.  So while Medieval Mayhem defaults to the same direction that Warlords does, I did set it up so the Difficulty Switches will reverse direction for the upper castles.

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Thanks for the info. I suppose I should have read the instructions a bit more closely. ?


Well, my mistake resulted in a new feature, so I guess it wasn't wasted time. Though not really a feature that needed to be implemented.

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