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Ow, my legs!



For those who don't know, Nintendo released a free jump rope simulator called Jump Rope Challenge for the Switch on the 15th, I decided to download it after I found out about thanks to Steven Pendleton's post in the witch subforum, after cheating the first 100 while my joycons charged, I decided to actually try and do them.


I might've gone too far...20200616_200857.thumb.jpg.7ffca3b844fbf7fb30d4df759cad75b2.jpg

Granted, I did take 30 min-1 hour breaks in between, but I'm not active at all (to put it into perspective, I get tired when I go up a large flight of stairs (I know, pathetic)) so doing this really put my body into maximum overdrive. While doing them, I felt like I was going to pass out on multiple occasions, my legs hurt, I'm pretty sure I threw my back out, and to top it all off, my head hurts pretty bad (although that probably has something to do with dehydration). TL;DR I'm beat. But strangely, It felt "good", it was like I got a dopamine rush when I did it. I'll definitely be doing it again but in moderation.


Sorry for self-deprecating, I just wanted to share my experience with this new "game"


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