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The sequel had arrived!



For the past month and a half I have been furiously writing a sequel to my first story. I finished it several days ago and it is now live on the site!

Currently it is just a first draft, its rough around the edges but I feel it gets the story across.

Now I'm just gonna focus on shorter stories because juggling over 25 named characters gets really exhausting and I just want to do something simple for a while.

I wrote the story with almost no roadmap, I just knew where the story started and where it ended with everything in between comprising entirely of improv, I think it turned out rather well for what it is.


As for the first book it's still in a constant state of editing limbo, I keep finding more and more spelling or grammatical errors that prevent me from wanting to put it up on Amazon. I'd also like to figure out how to get a print version so that may delay things further.

(These are just stats for future reference cause I love editing on the fly and ruing the final word count)

Started: May 16 2020 Finished: June 23 2020 Final Word Count: 104,829



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