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1. Before they made the Bubsy TV Pilot

Busby the Bobcat


In May 1993, Accolade made a game called Bubsy In Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind.

It was created by Michael Berlyn, who is known for text adventure games and of course for his Bubsy games.

Tho' he only worked on the first Bubsy game and then three years later on Bubsy 3D. It was released on SNES and on Sega Mega Drive.


After it was published, a lot people loved this game. They said, that it has great music, great animation, all and all, it was a sucess for Accolade and for Michael Berlyn.


Sega-16: Were you surprised at Bubsy’s initial success?

Mike Berlyn: Yes, and no. I was hopeful, and we had a put a lot of work into it. The marketing push and advertising commitments were massive, and I had never before been associated with a product that had such financial support. As far as the product’s success, I did the best I could and crossed my fingers. I was more surprised at learning what a real marketing effort was: the money, the manpower, and the thought that went into it.[1]


If you don't believe it, here's some screenshots of reviews for this game:


reviews3.thumb.png.ee5ff017023edc391ff53cb7fea101a2.png        bubsy_gameinformer_review.thumb.jpg.b649a6859ef1110cd0bf4ae8155aa11c.jpgbubsy_snes_buyers_guide_review.thumb.jpg.2fb345dd0c81f336ee6c5149aeb89da8.jpg      reviews.thumb.png.230efc3ae7f568d95c7201e4f5896976.png reviews2.thumb.png.ca09d3c00e4b4680d922238ac519ff34.png


FUN FACT:                                                                                                                       

It was also released in Japan and it was called "Yamaneko Bubsy no Daibouken" or "Bubsy the Bobcat's Great Adventures" All the level passwords formed the first 114 digits of PI.


While the success was happening, lots of commercials we're made.

According to this video, it  got 5 commercials, one was even aired while the Bubsy cartoon was airing! Maybe they're more of these, but they're lost and til' this day, they're only 5 of them found. 


There's also a Spanish commercial for it.



It also got a lot of merchandise such as posters, two special books, T-shirts, pins… What's interesting is the Bubsy plush. But only employees of Accolade got this plush.[2]

Merch.JPG.jpg.ed6b1aec4d963ce0f1707c6247277fd3.jpg  images.jpg.df3d3fa504740ecd241e9e4a02f06bd8.jpg.43e1af3c328355776cff043ee68c6280.jpg


It even had many competitions and many ports of this game.

aesrtrztu.thumb.png.cb52c8d72f7f3755bb26cceeaf2a91f7.png   cydfrhztu.thumb.png.c4a24d6dec8decd48b2501ee362adc2b.png


Because of a huge success, Accolade decided to make a TV show out of him. So they started the Production of it.





[1] https://www.sega-16.com/2006/08/interview-mike-berlyn/

[2] https://atariage.com/forums/blogs/entry/16040-cruizin-budsies-the-bubsy-plush-sightings-and-getting-a-plush-made-july-2019/



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