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(New Blog Series) Arcade Archives Recommendations



I absolutely love this series (you probably already know since I can't stop talking about it here!), but some of the games they released should've just stayed in the arcade. So I'm going to make a series of entries where I will see whether or not a game is worth the price tag. I will be rating them between 1-10 (0 if it's really bad).


Now, before I start reviewing stuff, I'll give you an explanation of what Arcade Archives is:


Arcade Archives is a series of re-released arcade games, ranging from the early '80s all the way to the early 2000s. This series started in 2014 on the PlayStation 4 but is now on the Xbox One (ACA NEO GEO only), PC (ACA NEO GEO only), and Nintendo Switch. As of 2020, only the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 receive both Arcade Archives and ACA NEO GEO, with the Switch getting some exclusive Nintendo arcade games, and the PS4 getting a mix of Taito and Konami games exclusive to the PS4.


The company who re-releases these games (HAMSTER CORPORATION.), seems to announce games on a live stream on Niconico (a Japanese video sharing site, similar to YouTube). As of writing this, there are 120 games in the Arcade Archives catalog and 108 games in the ACA NEO GEO catalog. 


ACA NEO GEO is a spinoff of the Arcade Archives series where they re-release the arcade versions of various Neo Geo games.


Each game is $7.99 and they rarely go on sale, so they're pretty firm on the price. This where people usually back away, as the price may seem high for just one game, but I personally think if you really want to play a game in their catalog, $7.99 isn't that bad. 


Okay, let's say you go ahead and get one of the games, here's what you get with it:


The game: you'll obviously get the ROM of the game, you get the average stuff that comes with an emulated ROM, the ability to change the controls, a decent CRT filter, a save state feature (you only get one, unfortunately), an online leaderboard, and sometimes, you'll get different versions of the games (e.g. Japanese and English versions). 


High score mode: A mode where you get to compete for a high score on one credit.


Caravan mode: where you try to get the highest score possible in 5 minutes. Think of it as a high score speedrun of sorts.


I think, for what you get, it's not that bad. I'd give the Arcade Archives series a 9/10.


Okay, that's about it! You can think of this entry as a pilot or press release of what's about to come. I currently have 1 review written, and im just proofreading it right now. Thanks for reading!


NOTE: I am not endorsed by HAMSTER CORPORATION. I just really like this series. Some reviews may have a bit of bias in them, so take this (and all reviews for that matter) with a grain of salt.


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