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Cleaning out the homebrew folders





I tend to save information forever. I've had various notebooks and folders in my garage's filing cabinet , the info is all from 2001 through 2011.  Today I decided to dig out the folders , keep what might still be useful, and pitch the rest. All of the paper had a slight musty smell.   All these were in the top drawer of the file cabinet;  the bottom draw has all my guitar tablature magazines, some from the 80's (remember Guitar for the Practicing Musician anybody?). I'll be going through those mags next to see if I can de-clutter. 


ANYWAY ... I pitched all my work-in-progress notes for 2002's Koffi: Yellow Kopter, plus work-in-progress notes and folders about 2007's Adventure II.  I kept the notes of various other homebrew ideas I had. Who knows?   


Look at all the work I had to do to code Raccoon Lad's sprites! 1's and 0's, yes indeedy. 




Then I found these notes ... I remember an original idea for Adventure II when it was just Alan and myself, was to have different colors of Armor.  The Bat turned into our Troll.  Some wanted to see the Wizard, but frankly I vetoed that idea for a few reasons, primarily that Robinette didn't have a Wizard in 2600 Adventure! It was an invention of the manual writers.  Plus I had my hands full with the rest of the programming.  If you want a Wizard, there are 2600 homebrews where the author put him in. And homebrew games where the wizard returned! 


Yeah though, I remember our idea to find Blue Armor to help you cross over water.  Adventure II changed that idea, instead you can build bridges from wood planks, over the water. Or fly across the water if you get that power-up.  I see that we also intended there to be an Inventory system , but that was simplified to be more Adventure 2600-ish - carry 1 thing at a time, bub.  These hand-written notes are from 2001 or so.  I took a picture, then pitched them. 





I don't know what this simple maze design was for - but it was never used. You want it? 




Finally, I also pitched my work-in-progress Koffi notes, I don't want to see those any more, after all the code itself explains how the game works better than those notebooks. But I found this doodle of a Homebrew Patch idea or two ... I like the idea for patches.   I'm not sure if anybody has done them for an AA homebrew?  I think I did see something on ZPH about earning a patch but I can't remember which game(s). 




That's all. I filled an entire large-size garbage bag with notebooks , manilla folders, and pages.  Next I have to go through those guitar tab magazines. 



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:)    It was kind of hard to do, given the time investment represented by all that.   Oh well, live in the past, or live in the present.   

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It's all gone, for the most part, although I saved a few things (like 10%).  Most of it was my notes which even I don't want to reread those! 


But also for example, I found the letter/email you sent me about your talking to Kristen from Atari about allowing us to use the Adventure name, with caveats. And I found some emails and documents about all the PCB's and caps etc I bought for the first 100 Koffi's.  It looked like several of us at AA went in together and ordered a group order of 5200 PCB's from Joe Grand.  I had forgotten all those details. 

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On 7/13/2020 at 4:48 PM, socrates63 said:

Getting a scanning app and save as PDF. You know, keep just a toe or two in the past.

Thats actually a good idea.  My  iPhone notes app has a scanner built into it. Going forward I may save more stuff to PDF. 

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