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30 - Super Burnout



Download or listen to the podcast episode at atarijaguargamebygame.libsyn.com/30-super-burnout

Blisteringly-fast arcade-style motorcycle racing hits the Atari Jaguar with Super Burnout. In this episode, we figure out if "super" really is better, Bishop wreaks pre-programmed havoc on a national anthem, we track down the real-life inspiration behind each of the game's courses, hunt for the optimal audio balance, and create crazy glitches with a cheat code.

We're also packed with feedback from Randal, Björn, Lestat, Roberth, Olivier Nallet (really!), Rhett, Derek, Peter, atarilbc, Doctor Clu, RJ, Louis, TrekMD, Steve Clinton from London, and Kyle!

Throughout the episode, check out snippets from the underrated soundtrack, including the entirety of Shen's Theme at the very end, following Storytime, which includes my COVID-19 update.

Show Notes

General Links


Game Links

Developer, Distributor, and Development



Gameplay & Graphics Notes


Cheat Codes
(entered on the title screen)

  • 2 1 7 9 4 - Unlock the "Punisher" bike
  • 1 9 6 7 2 - Unlock Turbo mode (press C to activate during gameplay, automatic transmission only)
  • 8 2 6 9 - Move to the head of the pack (press 8 or Y during gameplay) (Source)

(entered during the Jaguar bootup)

  • Hold A and C to view the version number, and (PAL Jaguars only) increase the frequency from 50 Hz to 60 Hz


Electronic Gaming Monthly


GamePro (preview & review)




Game Players






VideoGames: The Ultimate Gaming Magazine



Ultimate Future Games






Retro Gamer (not mentioned in the episode)


Atari Explorer Online, August 21, 1995
The Atari Times
CD Consoles (French):

Joypad (French)
ST Magazine (French)
Mega Fun (German)
Video Games (German)
neXgam (German)
Electric Playground (sadly, the full review is not available)
JustClaws JagSite
Digital Press
Electric Escape
Video Game Critic
atarilbc's review on atari.io







TV/Movie/Game/Music/Book References


Podcast references


Next up: Syndicate!

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Just heard the podcast. Nice to have you back. I was worried for a while I might never get to hear this one.

I noticed in the game manual, it lists Manual Sousa as a game tester, but in the game it lists Joe Sousa. Which Sousa is it? There's a mystery for ya.

Also I'm pretty sure I have had encounters with the oil spill on the track. If I wipe out, do a lap, and run over the exact spot (there'll be a noticeable black spot on the track) the controls will become slippery for a quite a few meters. Sorry, yards. Seriously, the rest of the world uses the metric system, why doesn't the U.S. get on board?

Anyway, I wonder what Oliver thinks of it.

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