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Caverns of Zork - retro electronic music(ish)



Electronic music is a long standing interest that dates back to my 1970s Popular Electronic subscription.  Recently I was searching the Buffalo Library's database for the next episodes of Game of Thrones when I decided to search for electronic music.  One CD caught my eye with recordings from 9 BA(Before Atari). The list of LPs was much more extensive.

That lead to the retrieval of my turn table from a friend, who was going to digitize his collection of LPs for the last 5 years.  I have been using it to listen to more early electronic music experiments. This got me to thinking that a recording I had made a few years ago might have made it onto the album, if I hadn't been 50 years to late.
Originally titled "Release the Gakken", I decided to rename it to give it a better tie-in to this Atari Age blog.  Henceforth it will be known as "Caverns of Zork".



Caverns of Zork.mp3


If you decide to listen to this in the dark, let me suggest that you  put a new set of batteries in your lantern.



About the recording: 

The recording was an exercise to try out a new mixer and microphone.  Three tracks were recorded for this experiment. The same FX on the mixer was used on all tracks.  Wish I'd written which effect setting was used but I never thought anyone would ever hear it.

The first track is a recording using the Gakken SX-150 Mark II. Just kind of winged it for a few minutes.  


The other 2 tracks were recordings of frog rasps in front of the microphone .  These sounds were made at  random;  except one moment I broke into a short rhythmic pattern.



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