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Sonic VCS Dev Log #1 Starting from Scratch



Once again I am reseting development on my Sonic VCS homebrew, in this first log I've taken the liberty of making the game's "floor plan."


Sonic VCS


* Two Stages

* Stage 1 is a Single Screen Platformer

* 25 Playfields in Stage 1

* 24 of them randomize

* Stage 1 ends when collecting maguffin and hitting Robotnik

* Stage 2 is a Boss Stage (Arena based shu'mup)

* Sonic must battle Robotnik

* Once Robotnik is defeated, the game starts over from Stage 1

* Difficulty Switches toggle options

* Left switch controls audio

* A turns on Music during gameplay (but sacrifices sounds)

* B is the default setting for audio (Sound FXs during gameplay)

* B/W switch pauses game, color unpauses game

* Right switch controls difficulty (B is default randomization for stage 1, A to Unrandomizes playfields for stage 1)

* Uses existing code from @Random Terrain & @Atarius Maximus (Both users will be given credit)

Any Suggestions on what to do next with the other switches (Different game variations maybe?


Recommended Comments

Yes I'm well aware of that game, but this is my own take on a Sonic-like game.... Zippy's obviously a much better game compared to what I'm cooking up IMHO.

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