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Why do demos exist and what purpose do they serve?

Clint Thompson


Why do demos exist and what purpose do they serve?

Maybe it's different for others but personally, it's a tool to learn from, advance knowledge of a system and refine techniques to achieve the desired results you hope to end up with I suppose. But most importantly, probably learning tricks along the way of what you can and cannot do so when the time comes to actually create something worthy of releasing, your chances of something nice as a result increases.

Adding realistic steam to a street view in the Jaguar demo took a little over an hour to create/render and another 20 or so to implement which includes the animation strip, proper placement, etc. so... 2 hours just for steam. A very tedious manual process to do the things I want to do on the Jag but a great learning exercise in the end. A blinking sign took almost 3 hours. Setting up character boundaries after countless trial and error attempts was about 5 hours. For sake of perspective, 10 hours for steam, an LED sign and character restrictions doesn't really sound like a lot but as with almost everything, I tend to learn something new from each different aspect. Somewhere between all of that I managed to also add the final character movement animations.


What does the Jaguar think? Who knows, but this is how I feel after:
mad jaguar GIF


On an ending note, does anyone actually read these AA blogs and just how visible are they?

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Sometimes they can be useful simply for their entertainment value.


To answer your question, I read it.  As for visibility, it showed up in the "New Activity" feed.

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