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Safety in the Sanctuary(ALttP)




Spent an hour or so arranging this piece and optimizing it. This was trickier than it could have been because I decided not to be lazy and just use 8th notes for everything. If I did that it would sound lame, with none of the overlapping notes. Instead I did this: Safety_in_the_Sanctuary.pdf Just download it. The sheet music is interesting. By the way, that version of the sheet music is a slightly earlier version that uses treble clef for violas to make it easier to write.

As you can see, the two violins and the violas take turns playing quarter notes of the main melody, hence creating an 8th-note-long overlap between the notes. That means you play only one note of every three notes in the main melody, hence the parts sounding something like this when played on its own: Violin 1-Violin_1.mp3

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this one as well.


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