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Today I found some more info about Bubsy 3. The most forgotten Bubsy game project ever. Which is why I did some research.

Credtis: the information gave us by steven78 in 2016 at nintendoage.com and the blog was found by DoctorClu.

unknown.png.c0ef90bba9b340a9b040a6dfbdbdbd44.png  E84FDDD0-D236-1F59-EE6D0143AFC82217.png.e96a6adbaa093ec64d296ac287edf9c6.png the evidence




Bubsy 3 was a game project, that was supposed to be completed on Spring of 1996 on Sega Genesis, Sony PSX and on Sega Saturn. It was produced by Accolade and Images Software (a division of Climax Enterprises Ltd.) (the same company who made Bubsy 2 for Game Boy).

It was supposed to be called Bubsy 3 "No more Mr Nice Guy!".

The game concept was made by Mark Eyles (the same person, who designed the game called "The Lawnmower Man" in 1993). When he showed Bubsy 3 concepts to Images Software, they liked it so much, that they immediately started developing. According to the evidence, they were close to complete the game. They only needed publishing partners, but it seems that no one accepted it.

It could also be cancelled, because Images Software discontinued since 1995. The only proof is the last game they worked on was in 1995 called Theme Park for Sega Genesis and for Sega CD, which they did sound implementation and FMV implementation. 

We unfortunately have no other screenshots of it besides the tittle screen of it, which looks very alpha phase, the script of codes and the description. 


New updates about it is on Bubsy Bobcat wiki: https://bubsy.fandom.com/wiki/Bubsy_3






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