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LineWars II. MS-DOS 1994. Soundtrack MP3s. Finally.



[#048] i found this game at wally-world back in the day, circa 1995. i had never heard of it and i was new to pc gaming. the box looked cool. the screenshots looked cool. i took home what would become a very sentimental and important video game. it came on one floppy disk and ran in MS-DOS. it was the first game i played that had online capabilities via landline for player vs player (which was amazing and has a chat feature) or local network for multiplayer (i never tried it due lack of equipment and enough friends). i emailed the programmer many times. a guy in finland by the name of patrick aalto. i had discovered that you couldn't destroy the sun and if you flew into it you would go thru it (basically it just changed your direction i think). this game, and probably that conversation specifically, was part of why i began programming games in Qbasic at the time.


then there's the four-song soundtrack. for years and years i was obsessed with the first song. i even borrowed the main riff/bassline for one of my very first songs i wrote in 1995 or 96. anyway, my memory is shit but at some point i eventually learned the names of the songs and that they were created by the same musician (a guy by the name of Jim Young, who goes by the handle u4ia. i tried hunting down these songs in WAV or MP3 format so i could add them to my music collection. i did find the original MOD files created by u4ia. while they're the same songs they are different enough to be enjoyed as a separate/alternate version of what i was used to hearing. his originals have sound clips and other minor differences, such as slightly different sounding virtual instruments.


after jamming to the u4ia originals for a week or so, i once again searched for the original soundtrack as heard in the game. nowhere on the internet other than Youtube gameplay videos can i hear the songs. therefore, i did it myself today by running the game on my Windows XP desktop and sending the AUDIO OUT to my trusty Tascam Porta02 4-track cassette recorder. I captured 2-3 loops of each song which almost completely filled up the A-side of a single 90-minute cassette tape. Step 2 was to play back the tape into the LINE IN of my Windows Vista laptop, using the old but near-perfect Goldwave recording program. I shaved off the ends of each track so that they would flow seamlessly in Repeat Mode, and i removed some hiss with built-in compression filters. Saved the WAV files then converted those to MP3s.


sometimes if you want something done you have to do it yourself, even if it takes 26ish years!


below is a link to the soundtrack in MP3 format (320k, stereo). Enjoy!



Update 1/23/21 - I've submitted the same MP3 files to the website below, which gives you the option to stream the songs.



hindsight: Japanese Intentions (track 4) was the best song all along.


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You have no idea what this means to me. I had the lines of Japanese Intentions in my mind for about 25/26 years but had no it was a song, let alone the soundtrack of a game. My brother wrote it on a little notebook of mine and every since the sayings pops up in my mind every now and then. I have tried to squeeze my brother for more information many times, including today, but he cannot remember where he got it from. Googling it was no help too until now, when I had the patience to search deeper and came across this post. I was struggling to find a way to open a MOD file on my cellphone, I have never heard of that format before hahaha. I can’t wait to listen to it now and show it to my brother later. Thank you so much!

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