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Days Gone (PS4 Video Game)

Random Terrain


Below are a few of my thoughts about the game Days Gone.



What's Fun?

It's fun to fight the bad guys, but eliminating zombie hordes is usually more fun (if your character will shut up and not give away his position). That's about it.



Slow Walking 

There is so much slow walking that it makes the game almost not worth playing. There are boring slow walking flashbacks and times when you have to slow walk with a character in the present. Your walking also slows to a crawl whenever you get near someone who might have a mission for you. 



Question Mark

A question mark will pop up on your mini map once in a while and if you go in that direction, you might find items or enemies, but it's usually a huge waste of time since the question mark quickly disappears and it can be nearly impossible to find what the game was pointing out.



Screamy McGee

When you throw things such as Molotov cocktails or grenades at a horde, sometimes your character will scream and that will catch their attention, then you'll have a ton of zombies running at you. I don't see a "turn off stupid screaming" option in the settings.



Not For Sale! 

You can't buy much at camps. Weapons, ammunition, medkits, grenades, flashbangs, and suppressors are basically all you can buy. Everything else you need has to be made from ingredients that can be found out in the world and some ingredients are pretty hard to find. Speaking of weapons, my two favorite weapons are the Rock Chuck (built-in suppressor, so it's always silent) and the .50 BFG (kills most enemies at a distance with one shot and tough enemies with 3 to 5 shots).



That's all I can think of for now.




Random Terrain


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