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Vertical MAME pt 10



I've been playing through the games and I'm up to R so the end is in sight!  77 games on the "perfect - include" list so far.  So now I need to start thinking about what comes next.


  • Double check the games which didn't quite make the cut, in particular any "top 100" entries.
  • For each of the games to be included, check to see if there's a child rom which should be used instead.
  • Create merged sets for the child roms.
  • Remove all of the roms, config files, etc for games which aren't included.


My idea for a front end theme is a vertical list of marquees with a game snapshot or attract-mode video for the selected game.  I should be able to do this in AttractMode.

  • Migrate from Emulation Station to AttractMode
  • Create & debug the theme
  • Create / obtain resources for the theme


The final step will be to create the actual cabinet.  The woodworking shouldn't be a problem (measure twice, think, measure again, then cut), but for the control panel I want to top it with a sheet of acrylic (Plexiglass) or polycarbonate (Lexan).  And while it is possible to drill through hard plastic, care must be taken or it will crack.  The tool of choice is a router with a flush trim bit (need to buy one).  In addition to the holes, I also want to bend the sheet over the front.  Again, possible in theory, but this is something I've never attempted before.


I also need to get the artwork for the control panel created and printed.

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