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Vertical MAME pt 11



The first pass through the vertical games has been completed!  I've marked a little over 100 games as "perfect - include".  So now I'm doing a second pass.  My original thought was to have a second look at the "perfect - maybe" and "playable, 50 fps" (where MAME was skipping some frames) games, but now I'm thinking maybe I might want to whittle down even the main list.  Is it better to have more games to chose from or to try to only include those game which will probably get played?


It was suggested to me to use the "All Killer, No Filler" game list rather than going through the games myself.  While I would have still needed to go through that list to figure out which games would work with my setup, I'm now thinking there might be value in using it to decrease the size of my list.


OTOH, having seldom played games on the system isn't a bad thing; although each game will take some time & effort to find and create the assets (e.g. marque, snapshot) for the front-end.


Update - My wife has stated that more is not better and I should be ruthless in my second pass and, at least to start with, only include "the best of the best" games.

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