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Vertical MAME pt 12



Focusing on the "best of the best" games was a very good idea. It meant I only had to do marquees, attract videos and control panel diagrams for 19 games rather than over 100.


This is a screenshot of my Attract Mode theme.  The marquees are instead of the more typical text game list.  And when the game is selected it shows a video of the game's attract mode.  The bottom is a basic diagram of the cabinet control panel to show which controls are used for what in the game.




From a software perspective the system is at the 90% finished stage:

  1. Go back through the games list and maybe add a few more games.
  2. Due to MAME romset differences I only have screenshots rather than videos for a few games.
  3. See what tweaking can be done to the boot-up & game start sequences to make them quicker & avoid text displays.


However making the final cabinet is almost more important.  But I'm really struggling with anxiety about having everything go right.


At least it's playable - so I'm going to go play some games.

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