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Cartoon Party-Time!

Nathan Strum


In previous years, I've posted about our end-of-school-year student film screenings for the Character Animation Program at CalArts (my day job, when I'm not working on homebrews).


Let's recap!














I wasn't blogging before that. But I've been editing these shows since '93 (when I was still a student!).


Anyway... oh, wait a second. Those last two links are broken. Oh Invision! Will you ever fix your blog software? (sad trombone sound)


Anyway, a year ago, because of the pandemic, for the first time in the history of the college (that I'm aware of) our screenings were cancelled. We had a mini-show online in the Fall of films that had been turned in over the summer. But we were hoping for our annual show we'd be back in person this spring.


Well, that's not going to happen.


But, since we've spent the last year figuring out how to do things online, we will be having our full show again this year online. So while we can't all actually be together, we can be virtually together.


And that means if you want to watch it with us - you can! Usually, you'd have to drive all the way out to California and sit in an uncomfortable plastic folding chair for eight hours to watch our students' films.


But now, you can spend eight hours sitting in an uncomfortable plastic folding chair watching student films from the comfort of your own home! (If you want the true experience, that is. Otherwise, I suppose you could sit on a couch or something.)


The show is streaming on YouTube tomorrow night (Saturday, April 24) live, starting at 4:00 PM PST.


Here's the link:


We will also be posting it to Vimeo afterwards, which I'll post the links to later. (Edit: Links added in comments below.)


So stop by, watch some films, eat some popcorn (not provided), and enjoy the show! There are some great films in there! (Note: This show is not intended for kids.)



And I'm totally not kidding about the eight hours, either. (Although the last third of the show are the films screened in the Fall. So if you watched those, you can skip out early.)

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Since the YouTube stream is likely to be blocked because of copyrighted music snippets (thank you, content-matching algorithms :razz: ), here's the show on Vimeo:


Part 1:


Part 2:


Part 3 (the 2020 Fall Open Show):


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