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More cartoons! Now with 75% less!

Nathan Strum


A couple of weeks ago, I posted about our students' 2021 Open Show. An eight-hour marathon of animated films, produced over the last two academic years (since we couldn't have a show at all a year ago). For the first time ever we held it online, since we still can't have large screenings in person. But that meant anyone got to watch it! Quite literally, from all over the world.


Of course, not everyone wants to sit through an eight-hour show.


But this Saturday night, you can instead sit through just a two-hour show!


This is our faculty-juried Producers' Show, which is a curated selection of films from the Open Show. The Producers' Show is usually held in a theater in or near Hollywood. We've been at the TV Academy's Leonard H. Goldenson Theatre (although we had to change theaters when they closed it for remodeling), the Director's Guild of America Theater (we had to leave this one because of remodeling too... are they trying to tell us something?), and most recently, the Samuel Goldwyn Theater at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Hmmm... Emmys and Oscars. I wonder if the Grammys have a theater we can borrow?


While the Open Show is a public event that everyone can attend in-person (normally), the Producers' Show isn't. You have to reserve a ticket because seating is limited, and they go fast. Studios, sponsors, alumni, students, friends and family... and suddenly boom! There goes 600+ seats.


It's quite the industry event. If the animation industry had stars, this would be star-studded. I suppose they're stars of a sort, to animation nerds. But basically, they're still just animation nerds themselves that have had success in the biz. Of one sort or another.


Anyway, we can't do the theater thing this year for the Producers' Show, so it's online too. And that means anyone can watch it. No tickets. No limited seating. No restrictions.


For 48 hours.


Then the sponsors (whoever they are) get exclusive access to it because money. But we'll put it back online later, and I'll put that link up when the time comes.


Meanwhile, this Saturday evening at 4:00 PM PST, the 2021 CalArts Character Animation Producers' Show gets streamed live from here:



And by live, I mean completely pre-recorded. But there are two hours of really good films in there. And about 20 minutes of talking. All at the beginning.


I'm not suggesting you tune in late or anything. We do have a pretty cool guest speaker. And some of our students will receive awards for their films. But if you're going to order DoorDash or something, have them show up by 4:20.


Anyway, check it out. It's pretty cool seeing the amazing work that students can do in the midst of a pandemic.


Actually... it's pretty cool any year.

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Woohoo!! It played!! All the way through, even!


Such a relief when those actually work. Hopefully, this will result in a lot of interest (and job opportunities) for our students.


The show will still be available at this link until Monday, May 10, 3:55 PM PST: https://watch.redcat.org/landing/REDCAT2345


Eventually we'll post it on Vimeo, once the sponsorship exclusivity ends. And of course, I'll link it here when that happens.


Now then... before all of this started, I think I used to have something called a "bed". If I can remember where I put it, maybe I can start catching up on my sleep again.

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