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Valve SteamPal musings





Not to be a wet blanket, but I predict failure (based upon the info in the article).


IMHO the main problem going to be processing power.  A decent gaming PC has a CPU & GPU far more powerful than the Switch and if Valve tried to squeeze that into a portable system the battery life would be very short.  But downgrading the CPU & GPU to a level where battery life if reasonable would make the system underpowered for anything more than casual 2D games.


Consoles like the Switch can get away with a lower powered CPU & GPU because developers learn how to do more with less or rework their game to fit within the system limitations.


Other problems:

  1. Basing the SteamPal on Linux because
    1. While Steam supports Linux (and MacOS) this isn't true of the majority of games available through Steam.
    2. Graphics performance on Linux still lags Windows.
  2. Fewer PC games support controllers effectively vs keyboard & mouse
  3. Price - although not stated, I don't think this is going to be a cheap device



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