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I might as well discuss my plans for Lynx homebrews.

-Snáwcild (Think of this as a better Ninja Gaiden 3 than the one that the Lynx actually got. As in nicer-looking sprites and sound.)

-Zenithian Micro (Mega Man X with bits of Kirby Super Star.)

-The Agathodaimon Mini

-At least one space shooter/shmup. (Vertical/Tate mode will be supported.)

-Red Wolf (FPS/Adventure)

-At least one Middanyeard game. (Will be better than Viking Child.)

-RC Car Combat.

-Possible Castlevania clone

-Gyaru Knight (G'nG clone with a wacky twist.)


Recommended Comments

I thought I would update this post with a couple of new ideas:

-Comlynx Wrestling game

-Sumo game. (Why not?)

-Strider Clone

-Overhead run-&-gun

As a bonus, here are some Lynx classics:

Edit: Come to think of it, the number of third-party developers that made games for the Lynx can be counted on one hand. Shadowsoft, NuFX (bought out by EA), Handmade Software, Telegames, and Epyx. If there are any that I missed, let me know.

Update: I forgot about Krisalis Software, so make that two hands.

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One shmup/STG that I want to make for the system is called Wācfīr. (Old English for Wake fire.) Think of it as Shikigami no Shiro/Castle of Shikigami for the Lynx. The Lynx needs more shmups than just Zarlor Mercenary, Zaku, and Gates of Zendocon.

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