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Before I begin, this will focus on original titles, and not arcade ports.

-Zenithian Khei (Mega Man X meets Super Turrican 2)

-Ginnan (Actraiser with an Old English/Anglo-Saxon twist. Part of the Middanyeard series.)

-At least three shmups/space shooters.

-At least two more Middanyeard games.

-At least two titles in the Demon Lands series.

-One Isometric game.


Recommended Comments

One of those Demon Lands games in question is The Agathodaimon 2. All I will further reveal is that it will have two-player co-op support, continues where the previous game left off, and gameplay best described as a better Shadow of the Beast game than that respective trilogy. (To be fair, the Lynx and TG-16 versions of the original were much better than the Amiga original, and the third game, while short, is worth checking out.)

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One of the Shmups I have in mind is a clone of Silpheed with the adventure segments from Treasure Conflix. Another is a clone of Gate of Thunder.

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I just got inspiration from Phantis AKA Game Over II by Dinamic, a Spanish developer that almost no one has heard of until now. Think of it as Dirty Pair meets Collect-a-thon Platformer, Run-&-Gun, and a very racy (and irreverent) sense of humor.


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