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SNES Controller Test with Baby Pac-Man



Attached is a video of my experimentation using the Rpi Pico to convert SNES controller input into 2600/7800 joystick inputs. I apologize for the video not being better. But you can see how I can use the SNES shoulder buttons to control the flippers on 7800 Baby Pac-Man. I also tested it with 7800 Xenophobe, but I didn't record video for the xeno test. Though it worked great. Better than the actual 7800 controllers I have for it. It was also like playing the arcade version.


This time I didn't use the Hyperkin bluetooth version of the SNES controller because I got tired of waiting it to pair every time I rebooted the Atari.


The code is written in C and instantly boots to functionality.


It currently has two modes:

  1. Standard 2600 Joystick mode - where the Y and A fire buttons are the 2600 fire button and the directional hat is the 2600 joystick directions
  2. Standard 7800 Joystick mode - where the L-Shoulder, Y, and B buttons are the 7800 left fire button and the R-Shoulder, X, and A buttons are the 7800 fire buttons... and the directional hat is the 7800 joystick directions

The "Select" button on the SNES controller toggles between the two modes. The indicator of which is the built-in Pico LED. Blinks once per second for 2600 mode, twice per second for 7800 mode.


Now that it's working, I figure I'll have three additional modes by the end of the weekend:

  1. Stella Plus mode where the shoulder buttons are the 9/5 pin fire buttons for the 3-button fire button configuration.
  2. Stella++ mode, my custom 4-button fire button configuration... which I'll need to re-write 2600 asm code for soon.
  3. Stella Paddle mode for 1-player paddle games.


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