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First, here's some potential 7800 ports that I might make:

-Thunder Force (Sharp X1/Fujitsu FM7)

-Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja


-Salamander/Life Force

-Space Gun (Will have Light gun, Mouse, and Trak-Ball support.)

-Marble Madness (Will have Trak-Ball support.)

-The Fairyland Story

-The Legend of Kage (Possible dual joystick support.)


Lynx ports:

-Magical Drop


-Aqua Jack

-The NinjaWarriors

-The New Zealand Story

-Chase H. Q.

-Bionic Commando

-Gradius 1 & 2




-Turrican 1 & 2

-Lemmings (Will have mouse support.)

-Osman/Cannon Dancer (with spelling and grammatical fixes.)

-Magician Lord


-Metal Black

-Gun Frontier

-Ghost Lop

-Arabian Magic


-The Cliffhanger: Edward Randy (with improved controls, I might add.)


Before I go, here's Dark Edge, a sprite-based 3D fighting game from Sega:


I hope this gives someone here an idea or two...


Update: I also wanted to say that many of these ports can also be done the other systems mentioned.


Update 2: Come to think of it, Quadtari, Comlynx, and Team Tap support are also on the plate.

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I would also like to mention that Jaguar Lemmings will have the option to use both the Jaguar controller and mouse in tandem. Genesis/MD & Super NES/Super Famicom exclusive stages are also a possibility. Sunsoft Special (SG/SMD) and the SMS/GG tileset levels, however, are out of the question. Oh No, More Lemmings, Lemmings 2: The Tribes, and Lemmings 3 aren't likely.

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With regards to Cadash, it will have to be more than Arcade perfect; improved animations in regards to NPCs, spelling/grammar fixes, and the aforementioned ComLynx/Team Tap support are on the plate.

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