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Breath of the Wild - finished



After 135 hours of playing Breath of the Wild I have defeated Ganon and finished (but not completed*) the game.  It was a lot of fun, but I'm not planning on replaying it in the near future and I certainly have no desire to buy the DLC and play through a modified version of the game.  


One of the parts of BOTW I loved is Zelda's story revealed through the memories and her and her Father's diaries.  Unlike the Champions who chose to be warriors and then accepted the role of Champion, Zelda is instead told that she has a destiny she must fulfill - except everything she tries denies instead of confirming that destiny.  It's only after Ganon defeats the Champions and Link that she her power reveals itself.  It's a tragic tale - but one with ultimately with a happy ending.


* I haven't completed every quest, found & completed every shrine, found all 900 Koroks, or the many other tasks which would be necessary for me to claim I've completed the game.


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