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Fail - Hyperkin Replacement Board



Well, David and I made some mistakes. And the boards we ordered didn't work as expected.


A - Probably somewhat too ambitious

B - And there was some miscommunication (we do live in two different cities).


Sent David a copy of the board and he tried a couple things to figure out why it didn't see to be working... and no luck.


At least all the pads and board holes lined up with the hyperkin joystick case. And the directional stick worked.


But we were going for a multi-functional fire buttons through mode switching... in the end, while we could switch the modes on the directional joystick, the fire buttons just didnt work at all.


The header displayed for this blog entry is a photo of the alterations we made after the fact to try to get the board to work... but no matter what David tried, the fire buttons just didnt work.


In the end, we only made 5 boards as a test run, so not a big loss.


In order to smooth out the miscommunication, and eliminate any issues resulting from complexity, I've simplified the design, including removal of the mode switching chip. In the next iteration of the board, we'll using physical switches for mode switching.


Anyway, at least we have a board template where the button pads and board holes line up with the hyperkin case, so that's something.


I've already designed and prototyped the 2nd version of the board on a breadboard. All the features seem to work. We're hoping to be able to order the second version of this board before Christmas. Right now work and family life are slowing us down.



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