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Tempest 4000 Vs. 2000



 I really enjoy T2K for the Jaguar. So much so I even went as far as having an open copy and a sealed copy of it. Today we have T4K which I have on the PS4. Very good in its own right but it doesn't feel the same in a lot of ways. This brought me to Polybius which I play on PSVR until my middle aged eyes hurt from it. The Leaderboards on PS4 are a great boon for old arcade goers like me, there's no question of who has what score and at what arcade anymore. PS4 has such a large install base of users it only made sense to me to play for score on the system and see how far up the leaderboards I can go. To my surprise, all my years of Tempest playing still pay off. Though I will always go back to my Jaguar on a daily basis.20211106_163427_HDR.thumb.jpg.f7bfc348cbd624d63f498462376951be.jpg


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