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PS2 Holiday Foster Donation



    I have a co-worker who recently took in several foster children. They had known the family and the kids knew who they were, the parents had overdosed several times and lost their kids for the foreseeable future. I talk about games frequently at work though most ignore me. They are more into hunting, fishing, and trucks. This day however, my co-worker asked me where to buy PS2 games for a 9 and 11 year old. Turns out he has a nearly new PS2 he hasn't used in years he wanted to hook up for the foster kids for christmas. He doesn't have any games though. We also have the same low paying job and I know they don't have much for christmas for those kids. 

    I really didn't have good answer for him to start with. Heck even 360 is slim pickings at Gamestop around here now that the generation has rotated out. A generation before that? Ebay and Amazon but trying to explain how to setup accounts and go about finding cheap deals, let alone pick stuff out to someone that never has? I knew I had boxes of PS2 stuff put away and doubles of many games. Plus I know I had some kids games I had kept that my own kids had played.

    I dug out several boxes at home and came up with a Christmas donation for him. I had more but they weren't as nice, missing cases or discs were questionable. I wasn't going to do GTA as a free donation but that was the only game the oldest kid had specifically asked for. As for content, these kids saw magnitudes worse in real life than what an old GTA has in it. A racing game, several cartoon platformers, superheroes, an army shooter, GTA, a cross section of genres. The way my co-workers face lit up when receiving them makes me think he might enjoy these with the kids too.

    So its no PS5 or anything new but it's nice they'll have some fun stuff to play on Christmas morning now.


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