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Cruizin' Facebook - The Bubsy Facebook Group - November 2021



Bubsy in Social Media

Spotlight - Facebook - By Doctor Clu




For me I've run the gauntlet of social media, LiveJournal, Xanga, MySpace.   All those early entries were probably in the span of 2002-2004 so they all happened pretty quick.   And I would stay on all those till last year when I went back and closed those out due to aging security on those sites leaking out passwords.  But over the years while I did some blogging on Xanga and tinkered around with the new changes on MySpace, I was mostly on Facebook.  


Joined Facebook in 2004, and just like the others, they had their time, and eventually came the reason why I left those services.   Most of the time it was simply I moved onto to something else.   At the moment I wonder if that something else will be the non-corporate, federation of privately owned servers known as the Fediverse as that "something else".


But as all things, they do eventually come to an end.   While I believe that Facebook currently still does make a way to link about everyone you'd want to find (even Michael Berlyn and Faran Thomason!), and amazing groups for obscure topics; there is a sense that the Facebook that wanted to create a social media with the user as the priority is no more.  Over time through either strategic planning or neglect Facebook has allowed obvious political bias, prevention of free speech with the unwanted fact checking banners that are sometimes hilariously off:




...not to mention toxic and polarizing algorithms, and the mining and selling of people's data.*   And the resulting toxic environment has made relating to friends and the public to be a bit too much over time.   In short, were we really supposed to ever know every last thought about each other?


Well, one friend on Facebook that we got to know a bit more about was our favorite bobcat, Bubsy!



[From the official Bubsy fanclub site]


The Facebook presence started in March 19, 2017 with the teases of Bubsy's first official release of a new game in 21 years, and that being "Bubsy: Woolies Strike Back".   This would continue till March 16, 2020 in the aftermath of the second newest game "Bubsy: Paws on Fire".   Accolade would have Bubsy advertised on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin.   On all the sites Bubsy was presented by Accolade, not as a subject, from the character's perspective, which gave fans a unique experience of talking to and hearing new quotes from Bubsy created by the current owners of Accolade


The comments made by the actor playing Bubsy generally advertised the new games, though sometimes comics about Bubsy, or things that "Bubsy" wanted to point out were also posted.   One unique post Bubsy makes a favorable mention of the Pink Panther character, much like how Bubsy made a favorable mention of Bugs Bunny on Twitter.   These comments tended to not conflict, so could be seen as some interesting extended canon for the character. 




As a means to enjoy these messages by Bubsy, and the reaction and comments of numerous Bubsy fans, the following attached archive has been created to enjoy in the future.    In these, they are just a fun time capsule to experience the excitement of the release of the Bubsy games during that time.  About 50 megs of screen shots, and they were taken in order of the oldest post to the most current, and worked to capture all responses.


Bubsy Facebook.zip


All and all I've said it before and I'll say it again, Accolade was genius for this style of social media marketing.  


Twitter was the best experience where more interaction happened between Bubsy and the fans. 

Facebook was probably second best for interaction, but have to admit, I often forgot it was there.

Linkedin was entertaining, giving a few more titles of movies that Bubsy starred in and other acting resume material.

Instagram has a good collection of pictures all of which were featured on Twitter and Facebook.


Maybe one day we'll make sure the other social media are archived, like we did the Facebook entries, but hope you enjoy this for now.  And in the comments, do you still Facebook?   If not, what social media do you enjoy best?   And... any Bubsy sightings over there?


Until next time,


-The Bubsy Fan Blog (Doctor Clu)





Page 1





Page 2 - (Always loved the logo on this one, shame it didn't go far...)



Page 3 (The oldest entry and many members but few messages)













* A lot of this talked about in the Oct 25/Nov 1, 2021 issue of Time magazine, "Breaking Point: Facebook's civic-integrity team prided itself on putting people before profits.  Then it was shut down" by Billy Perrigo Pages 28-34


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