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Went for games but ended up with this



I ended up with my daughter this weekend so she was along for Black Friday this year. My town has several thrift stores including a very large Salvation Army, and some odd pawn shops run by odder characters. I thought lets throw in a dash of Wally World to see if anything was left too, we went around noon this year.

    Smaller thrift stores were a bust. They usually are here unless you need cheap work clothes or old Nat Geo mags going back to the 70's. Worth a look though. Odd pawn shops were closed for some reason, I like to at least look at their overpriced games on offer. Plus they're the true one stop shop. Porn, guns, videogames, clothes, and you get a hotdog if you buyover $50 ?.

   Wally World was a bust too except we snagged the last 2 game related ornaments they had there. Sonic for me and Minecraft pig for the daughter was all they had. I figured all Switch and on sale games would be picked over, it was almost noon after all.

    One plaza over was the giant Salvation Army store. They have old Atari games and cool old electronics in there from time to time. Sure enough, 3 2600 games. They were only a couple dollars. I don't own an old Atari except the Lynx and Jaguar right now but I'll ask my friend if he needs them for his collection. 

    Now one more plaza over is a pet store. Not on my radar at all. Like a Youtube video rabbit hole I ended up in there with my daughter holding a baby guinea pig. The pet store lady trying to sell me all kinds of extras and talking my ear off since the second I walked into the store. We already have 2 so what's 1 more I guess. Plus if I take them and set them on the couch while playing a game, they sit and watch me play. I think they like the colors on the screen. 

    I went looking for cheap games or anything still left to buy on sale, and ended up with another guinea pig. It reminds me of Peter Griffin goes to the store to buy cheese but comes home with a retarded horse instead.











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