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Songbird Black Friday Sale



    Songbird posted up an early Black Friday sale last week and I figured why not. Super Off Road was not on sale but, I'd been wanting to put it in my collection and try it out. T-tris was on sale and so was Cyber Virus, both from my Songbird wish list. 

    Super Off Road. To start with do not buy this off ebay for $300+. Same with Desert Strike and Double Dragon. Songbird stocks them or order direct from Telegames UK if he is out, $70. It took me a couple races but it is a fun little mud racer. You pick up money bags during races and between races a store lets you do upgrades to your truck. I never played other versions of this but for what this is its fun and I can see myself playing it for quite awhile. The sound and music are good. The controls are good, any problems I had were from me just learning the course layouts. The graphics are pretty sharp and the trucks move around  screen nice and fast when you get into it. I'd recommend a buy to anyone into racing or looking for something competitive.

    T-tris. Now I have played a lot of Tetris on many different devices. T-tris isn't a bad rendition by any means. I definitely will play this more than I do Klax on the Lynx. At the same time there is something amiss with it. During play there is no music. When you lock blocks into place there is a boing sound. There are several other sound effects and small samples throughout but that's it. I just turned the sound down after 5 minutes, the boing sound is really annoying without any music or anything else going on. Really that's the only glaring omission, the music. The cart does save high scores I noticed when I came back, always a welcome addition on the Lynx. Control is good, its Tetris controls. Graphics are bright and colorful blocks, its Tetris. Songbird box & manual? A+ glossy as always. I think it is worth a buy on the Lynx. If you collect and play Lynx a lot it will have coming back, just turn the sound down when you do.

    Cyber Virus. Wow this game is cool! It is a real 3D game on the Lynx like Battlewheels. Reminds me more of like a mech game than a 3D game like Doom. You have guns, grenades, missiles, armor and health bar. Each mission has a briefing which really boils down to shoot stuff, pick something up, shoot more stuff, exit level. Option shows you a handy map with current objectives. This is great because the levels are really big and the draw distance isn't very far. But everything looks so good on this game. It is arn hard though. I get 4 or 5 missions in and its game over. Even the first 2 training missions are kinda tough. Sometimes the robot enemies just swarm you or are just off camera and you're dead. Gameover. Sound and music in this one is top notch, kept it up the whole time. Box art for this one wraps all the way around the box, looks great on the shelf. If I can manage to finish this one I think I'll buy the lost missions cart next time. This was a really good buy.











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