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I thought I would list what inspired me to come up with this:

-Rastan Saga

-Gargoyle's Quest (The First two)

-Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

-Megami Tensei (The whole franchise.)

-The Shadow of the Beast trilogy (Fantasy meets high-tech, surreal details, and many of the creatures.)

-Ancient Mythology

-Masters of the Universe (Fantasy meets high-tech)

-Thundercats (Fantasy meets high-tech)

-Steampunk (Most of the technology that does get displayed.)

-The Curse of Issyos (and Locomalito and general)

-Antiquity (Building and clothing aesthetics.)

-Touhou Project


A small list of the characters in The Demon Lands:

-Megatherion (The Hero of The Agathodaimon)

-King Agathion (Leader of Ul P'tak and the ruling Agathodaimon.)

-Hedone* (Healer and friend of Megatherion.) *=In the Demonic Alphabet, her name is spelled "Headonea". This is due to the fact that 'ea' is the demonic equivalent of η. (Pronounced as [ā/eɪ])

-Alekto (The oldest of the three fury sisters. Often protective of her two sisters, but still willing to go on her own.)

-Megaira (The second of the fury sisters, and known for being rather crude, even for demon standards.)

-Tisiphone* (The youngest of these sisters, and the most daring of the three. Also known for being agile and quick-witted.) *=Written as "Tissipphonea."



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