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Atari 1020 plotter: repairing, finding parts, finding replacement pens & how to refill and reuse your dried out pens



Soon to be a blog here about exactly as the title states.


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Sorry I didn't notice this comment earlier or get around to doing this blog sooner @Tonyscouter. what you want are oil based inks, that generally come in small bottles, that are used for Calligraphy and Calligraphy pens, generally found at art supply stores, but I'm sure can be found in online art supply stores or Amazon even. I haven't looked in quite a while now. They come in a variety of colors, including the original RGB and Black the 1020 uses, but many other colors are available. Before refilling a pen with a color other than original, take out the fiberglass filament (like found in magic markers) inside the pen and soak it in a mix of bleach and water, about 20:1 ratio water over bleach until it becomes white again. gently squeeze out after, not hard enough to crush it flat, and then allow to finish air drying before putting it back in the pen. (which you gently pulled the pen top off using two sets of needle-nose plyers) then add ink until soaked using a syringe, and put the top back on the pen.

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