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Cruizin' GettyImages - 3rd of 3 Stock Clips Found - January 2022



Literally said yesterday...


"And now to find a old movie clip about a man riding a bull.   ?


Wish those of us looking for that last clip luck, we're going to need it!"


Well thanks to the 28 people that looked at yesterday's Bubsy Fan Blog entry and the luck you sent because... it worked!


Yesterday's blog entry was announced and this happened on the Officious Bubsy Fan Group (Discord)




So here is the link that Darthi found on GettyImages:




Here's how they compare, not the same frame, but it doesn't take long to realize it is the same clip.


Shown here, the clip from the Bubsy cartoon pilot on the left, and the GettyImage version on the right.




Seems one of the things done as we saw with the color turned black and white clip from Hercules and the Captured Women is that for possible comedic effect the clips were made grainier and older looking than they were.  And that would seem to be the case here.


And here is where the clip was in the Bubsy cartoon pilot.  Roughly, depending on which copy you watch:



And to all this we at the Bubsy Bobcat Fan Blog and Bubsypedia say.. wow!   Bravo Darthi!


At this time we don't know where, when, or who this ill fated and infamous bull rider was, but what we have found is this clip in a stock film archive.


While we would love to know more about the clip itself one thing is for certain, the clip exists in at least one other place than the Bubsy cartoon pilot.   The pilot claimed all images were from Archive Film or NASA, and now we know the bull rider is not lost.


So until we learn more about the story of this clip, this is the Bubsy Bobcat Fan Blog closing the case of the three unidentified movie clips.


Thank you Bubsy fans, and the obscure movie fans for making this a successful search!




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